It’s time to enroll in the new trailer for Night School.

The upcoming comedy stars Kevin Hart as a high school drop-out who decides to get his GED so that he can pursue better employment opportunities. In order to pass the difficult GED exam, he and several other misfits take an adult class taught by Kerry (Tiffany Haddish) who needs to “make a little extra cash, so that I can afford this warrant that I got.”

The film marks another career goal off the checklist for Haddish, who has wanted to work with Hart ever since he gave her $300 to help get her on her feet while she was homeless. Now, she not only gets to star alongside him in the film, she also gets to “tenderize [his] a–” with a belt while he wears a chicken suit.

“My suspicions were correct,” she tells Hart in the trailer. “You’re clinically dumb. There is no cure for what you have.”

Rob Riggle and Ben Schwartz also appear in the trailer, as well as Taran Killam as the school principal who “doesn’t hear color” despite putting on a questionable “black voice.” Girls Trip‘s Malcom D. Lee directs, with Hart and Will Packer serving as producers.

Night School hits theaters Sept. 28. Watch the trailer above.

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