Kevin Costner tells Extra the true story behind his shark attack rumors
Credit: Vera Anderson/WireImage

Kevin Costner proved his deep sea fighting skills in Waterworld, but rumors that he recently beat up a 15-foot shark have turned out to be a bit fishy.

Costner sat down with Extra to discuss his new film, Criminal, and put to rest a viral story that he saved his wife, Christine, from an enormous shark off the coast of their Santa Barbara home.

“Well, half the story is true,” Costner said. “My wife was on a paddle board with a friend about seven months ago and a big 12-footer came at her about 30 yards off our beach,” he explained.

“It came by her about a foot off the side. She said it displaced the water and lifted her … and Christine went in to shore and was just really shaken.”

Costner, however, was on the other side of the pond at the time. “She told me while I was in London making Criminal … which was really a helpless feeling.”

The actor went on to tell Extra about the new film, in which he costars with Ryan Reynolds, Tommy Lee Jones, and Gary Oldman.

“You see his kind of prison instincts come out, matched with a CIA operative’s abilities, and which ones he decided to use have many different results,” he said of the thriller.

Costner also took time to chime in on the presidential race saying, “I find it embarrassing. I find it highly immature. I think America is really teetering at a low point with the way we talk to each other.”