Susan Sarandon and Kate Winslet Play Mother-Daughter in Blackbird: Watch NSFW Scene

Susan Sarandon stars as a woman who is getting ready to end her battle with ALS in her own way

Kate Winslet's character learns a funny fact from her mom in the upcoming movie Blackbird.

In a PEOPLE exclusive NSFW clip, Susan Sarandon's Lily and Sam Neill's Paul tell their daughter Jennifer (Winslet) exactly where she was conceived — as they're standing in the exact spot it happened!

Blackbird follows Lily and Paul as they summon the whole family to their beach house after Lily decides she wants to end her battle with ALS on her own terms. In the scene, the group walks on the beach before Lily grows tired and they go to a secluded spot where Lily and Paul start reminiscing.

"This is where you were conceived," Paul tells Jennifer after she notices her parents sharing a knowing laugh, which prompts their family to chuckle and their grandson to groan.

"I pretended to be sick and ran outside and we came here and then...he cured me," Lily says while Jennifer jokingly covers her ears and says, "TMI!"


"Then we just got so fond of this area that we bought some land when it became available," Lily explains.

The film also stars Mia Wasikowska as the couple's other daughter, Rainn Wilson as their son-in-law, Lindsay Duncan as Lily's longtime friend, Bex Taylor-Klaus as their daughter's partner and Anson Boon as their grandson.

Blackbird will open in select theaters on demand Friday.

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