She'll Never Let Go! Kate Winslet Says 'It's Probably Going to Be Leo's Year' to Win an Oscar

Kate Winslet added that she is torn between rooting for old friend Leonardo DiCaprio and Steve Jobs costar Michael Fassbender for the Best Actor trophy

Photo: Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

Forget Best Actor – Leonardo DiCaprio should win an award for being half of the most adorable and supportive friendship in all of Hollywood!

At the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards on Sunday, DiCaprio’s longtime pal Kate Winslet spoke to reporters about how much her Titanic costar deserves to finally win the Academy Award for Best Actor.

“I do think it probably will be [him],” Winslet told BBC News of DiCaprio, who is nominated for his role in The Revenant. “I think you can sort of feel it and I think that everyone wants it for him.”

She added, “It would just be amazing.”

Despite her endless support for the man who reportedly walked her down the aisle at her 2012 wedding, however, Winslet revealed that she does feel a little conflicted about wholeheartedly rooting for Leo.

“Michael Fassbender has been nominated and, of course, I was his right-hand woman for three months while we were making Steve Jobs and I saw how hard he worked and I think his performance is so extraordinary,” Winslet said, before conceding, “But I think that, you know, you can sort of feel the temperature – it’s probably going to be Leo’s year.”

Leo and Kate Reunite at the Golden Globes!

DiCaprio showed similar support for Winslet at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, where they took home awards for best actor and best supporting actress, respectively, and shared a sweet congratulatory moment.

“She’s my favorite actress in the industry,” DiCaprio told Entertainment Tonight, securing Jack and Rose’s place as our favorite (fictional) couple of all time.

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