Kate Walsh Calls Her New Film's Focus on Adult Romance 'Refreshing': It's 'Just a Beautiful Story'

"I feel like it's just a really beautiful little piece that people are just going to love," Kate Walsh says of her new movie, Sometime Other Than Now

Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Kate Walsh is proud that her new film, Sometime Other Than Now, tells a unique and refreshing adult love story.

The Grey's Anatomy alum, 53, stars in the raw and emotional indie film as Kate, a motel manager who falls for Sam (Donal Logue), a lost soul who becomes stranded in a New England town and discovers his daughter Audrey (Trieste Kelly Dunn), whom he hasn't seen in 25 years, lives there.

"What drew me to the script was, it was a character piece in a story," Walsh tells PEOPLE. "A sweet story, and a very realistic story about people that are all flawed and broken and fallible and trying their best and dealing with very real obstacles in life, and only obstacles and situations that can happen when you've lived a little bit of life."

Walsh, who shot the Dylan McCormick-directed film back in 2019 in Long Island, appreciated that the movie is an adult-driven romance — a story that isn't often told nowadays.

"It was just so refreshing," says Walsh. "There's many things to choose from out there that's streaming, and that's very flash and fantasy and visual effects and all these things. And this is just a beautiful story about people living real life, and I loved it."

Sometime Other Than Now; Donal Logue, Kate Walsh
Donal Logue and Kate Walsh. Gravitas Ventures

Sometime Other Than Now also delves into powerful themes of redemption and forgiveness, which Walsh said strongly resonated with her after she watched the film.

"I was so touched and moved. And I was remembering what I was kind of going through personally at the time, but yeah, I could identify," the Umbrella Academy star says. "Like, 'Wow, I am a person that's had many different incarnations at my age.' The reality is, there are many pivots of many experiences that you get to sort of beautifully go through in life. And so it was beautiful to be a part of a story that deals with that."

"And I also, I remember when I first read it going, 'Is this realistic? This guy... Okay, it's a heightened scenario. He's left his kid and he comes back to find her,' " she adds. "And then you're like, 'Oh yeah, I believe every second of it, and that happens.' "

Overall, Walsh — who has been hunkering down in Australia amid the pandemic — believes that viewers of all ages will be able to connect to the heartwarming film.

"I feel like it's perfect. It's like, everyone kind of can identify in some way with Sometime Other Than Now," she says. "And I feel like it's just a really beautiful little piece that people are just going to love."

Sometime Other Than Now is in select theaters and on demand Friday

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