"Even the 'Mom stop taking my picture' face is still a face I could take a millions pictures of ❤," she captioned the photo

By Mike Miller
February 09, 2018 11:45 AM
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is one proud momma.

The Deepwater Horizon star took to Instagram on Friday to show off her son Ryder, 14, who looked less than thrilled to be posing for his famous mom.

“Even the ‘Mom stop taking my picture’ face is still a face I could take a millions pictures of ❤,” she captioned the photo, along with a link to his Instagram and the hashtag “AlwaysMyBaby.”

Hudson shares Ryder with Chris Robinson, the lead singer of The Black Crowes. The couple was married from 2000 to 2007. Back in 2016, Hudson opened up about what it was like raising her then-preteen.

“Ryder’s a great kid. But, you know, he’s 12. So it’s all changing and starting. It’s a beautiful time,” she told PEOPLE. “I feel like seeing him now is the most amazing thing because you’re really starting to understand and see their character as they get to this age.”

Ryder and Kate Hudson.
Kate Hudson/Instagram

Recently, the duo even shared matching hairstyles. In the Fall, Hudson shaved her head for a role in the film Sister, written and directed by the Australian singer/songwriter Sia. Ryder was also sporting a shaved head at the time, and while fans gushed over the matching cuteness online, the teenager was not nearly as pumped.

“I copied Ryder,” the actress joked to ET “Ryder had it way before. Ryder‘s been buzzing his head for a long time,” she added, saying when she shaved her own blonde locks, “Ryder‘s like, ‘Mom, you’re cramping my style.’ ”

Hudson continued, “But when I did it, he was like, ‘Oh my God, we actually …’ It was the first time he even could see that we looked, you know, that he looked like his mommy. But it was really cool.”