Kate Hudson started belting out a few verses from "Hold On" during a commercial break

By Jodi Guglielmi
September 28, 2016 09:55 AM

The girl can sing!

Kate Hudson stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday where she showed off her impressive vocals with an impromptu performance of En Vogue’s hit “Hold On.”

During a commercial break, Hudson and Fallon took a break from talking about her upcoming film Deepwater Horizon to reminisce their first concert experience.

“I wanted to get into En Vogue, that was your first concert,” prompted Hudson.

“That was my first concert. I’m glad we didn’t get into that,” replied Fallon before realizing his first concert was actually a performance by Weird Al Yankovic. “En Vogue was my first concert that wasn’t a comedy thing.”

And as the two started naming En Vogue classic hits, Hudson, 37, started belting out a few verses from “Hold On” – and even Fallon was taken aback by her talent.

“They were my girls,” Hudson said of the ’90s pop group as she continued to hit one high note after another. “I was obsessed with them.

And while fans might be surprised by her love for music, this isn’t the first time she’s shown off her vocal chops. Hudson regularly belts out musical verses on her Instagram account and even had a reoccurring appearance on Glee. She was also part of the all-star ensemble in the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical Nine.

So can fans expect the actress to drop an album anytime soon?

“I’d love to do a record,” she admitted. “I’ve always been scared of making music. I write music, and it’s super depressing.”