February 18, 2016 05:10 PM

She’s an actress, mother of two and now an author, but Kate Hudson isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

The Mother’s Day star told SiriusXM Stars 109 with Jenny Hutt on Thursday that despite her busy schedule, she’s looking forward to expanding her family.

“I really want more kids,” she told Hutt. “Anywhere between four and six … I just love them.”

Hudson, who has sons Bingham Hawn Bellamy, 4, and Ryder Robinson, 12, with exes Matt Bellamy and Chris Robinson respectively, revealed on Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy the major role her brother, Oliver, has played in helping to raise the children.

“He’s the template of the kind of father I’d like to meet,” she told McCarthy of her brother, 39, on Thursday.

“When I have to work, he takes Ryder and it’s his baby, it’s amazing,” she explained.

In addition to growing her family, Hudson also talked to Hutt about her love of music and the possibility of recording her own album one day.

“I always have written music,” she revealed. “There was a moment in my life where it was like which way am I gonna go … ’cause I grew up with musical theater as my thing … I love musical theater. Singing and dancing to me is as much fun as acting.”

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While she’s never officially recorded her work, Hudson – who also notes that she plays the piano – told Hutt she would consider making a record. “I don’t know if I’d do anything with it, I’d have to see what it turned out like,” she said. “If I liked it, if I was comfortable sharing it.”

In the meantime, Hudson’s been spending time with one of her biggest music heroes: Adele.

“She’s great. I love her. She’s a wonderful, brilliant,” she said of meeting the vocalist. “We drank … I love music, and I sing. And so I have such a love of people with an amazing instrument, a beautiful vocal instrument just touches my heart … it’s such a gift from God.”

Currently, Hudson is promoting her new book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body, and enjoying the single life.

While she’s been romantically linked with Nick Jonas, the actress tells McCarthy she’s tired of answering questions about her love life.

“I choose not to talk about any of it until there’s something to talk about,” Hudson said. “It feels kind of nosy, and I’ve got kids … I want to live my life, but that part of my life [is] private until there’s something to really discuss.”

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