Gwyneth Paltrow Throws 'Little Sister' Kate Hudson a Surprise Party for Her 40th Birthday

Paltrow surprised her good friend Hudson to a sweet treat for the star's 40th birthday

Kate Hudson is being spoiled on her 40th birthday.

The actress was surprised by pal Gwyneth Paltrow with a surprise get together on Friday morning. Paltrow, 46, posted a shot of the two smiling wide in workout clothes next to purple balloons on Instagram, where she revealed her surprise for Hudson.

“Birthday yoga and a surprise for my little sister @katehudson. You radiate happiness and make everything fun. We all love you so much,” Paltrow wrote, adding the hashtag #lordylordylookwhos40.

Hudson previously opened up about plans for her big day during her interview on GMA earlier this month, saying that she was hoping for a “blowout.”

“I personally, with having a baby, feel like I deserve a really good hangover,” she joked. “I’ve been so good, I’ve been so busy. I’ve been breastfeeding like crazy and I just want some martinis. I want to sleep in. [That’d be] really nice.”

She added, “I’m like a last minute kind of Aries girl… it’ll happen. At this point, I just want to tell everybody, ‘Hey, I’m gonna have a party,’ and then everybody shows up.”

As for worrying about her age (and her own kids getting older), Hudson doesn’t stress.

“I’m having a blast,” she said earlier this month while on the Rachel Ray Show. “I can’t wait to go to a bar with [Ryder] — is that weird? He’s so much fun!”

“He’s almost 6 feet. I used to dream about that day, like, ‘One day, honey, I’m going to be looking up to you,’ ” she continued. “And the other day, he gave me a hug and I almost burst into tears. It’s crazy, it’s amazing, it’s beautiful.”

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