The actress revisited her untouched childhood bedroom and the halls of her former high school in a new video

By Alexia Fernández
December 01, 2020 11:13 AM

Kate Bosworth is giving her fans a blast from her past.

In a video and accompanying blog post on her lifestyle website KIND.EST, the 37-year-old actress goes back to Cohasset, Massachusetts, where she moved in 1998 when she was 15 to begin a new chapter as a freshman at Cohasset High School.

Bosworth tells PEOPLE she had "the urge to explore the idea of home and how it connects to our identities" over a year ago.

"Obviously, home has become more significant than ever over the past year. I felt it was important to share these confronting feelings now in order to explore vulnerability and create deeper connection," she says. "I hope this post makes people smile as well as encourage us to boldly look inward."

Bosworth was already acting when she began high school. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles to fully pursue her career. Her work in films didn't make her a star at school — something she says she appreciated.

Kate Bosworth
| Credit: Kate Bosworth/Instagram

"The people there are warm and grounded," she says. "Even though I was working as a professional actor then, what mattered most (to them and me) was the character and kindness in a person, rather than fame or celebrity."

She adds, "No matter how far I travel, the roots and connection remain the same. I am very grateful for the experience."

In the video, Bosworth revisits to her childhood home, showing off her untouched bedroom, and reunites with two friends as they walk the halls of their former high school.

The Remember the Titans actress says she hopes her fans will learn the "importance of expressing vulnerability with courage" from her trip back home.

"In the video, I speak to friends from my high school and we acknowledge how much angst and insecurity we all felt back then, and yet we never voiced it," she recalls. "I feel we are better friends, better community and better individuals if we learn to lean into the heart (especially when it’s scary and hard) in order to connect on a deeper level."