The actress responded to commenters after she posted a photo of herself with friend Stephen Simbari

By Helen Murphy
January 15, 2019 10:32 AM

Kate Beckinsale had the perfect response when a fan on Instagram questioned who her date was.

The actress, 45, posted an Instagram from an L.A. Lakers game on Sunday, captioning the post, “Everyone was pretty tense for the game but apparently I’m just here for the fashion and was enchanted by some particularly fire tube socks #lakers ❤️.”

The photo shows Beckinsale with her friend and assistant, Stephen Simbari.

One commenter was confused about who Beckinsale’s pal was, writing, “Is the boy next to you your son or why do you hang around with him?”

Beckinsale responded, “He is my son yes. I kept him in the cellar for 29 years but now I feel I should take him out on jaunts.”

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Beckinsale has had witty responses to her Instagram commenters.

After Beckinsale was spotted hitting it off with Pete Davidson at a Golden Globes afterparty, one commenter wrote on a throwback photos of Beckinsale’s mother, actress Jude Loe, “Dear heavens, Kate. Not Pete Davidson.”

Kate Beckinsale and Stephen Simbari 
Allen Berezovsky/Getty

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Beckinsale responded, writing, “No that’s my mother. Easy mistake.”

The exchange was captured by the popular Instagram account, Comments By Celebs.

Davidson, 25, and Beckinsale talked intently for most of the afterparty before they were joined by Machine Gun Kelly, Isla Fisher, and Sacha Baron Cohen. But even as the group mingled, Davidson and Beckinsale kept their focus on each other.

Eventually, the other members of the group wandered off, and Davidson and Beckinsale continued to chat. One source said they cuddled at the party as well.

But despite reports, the two did not leave together, a separate source told PEOPLE.

Reps for Davidson and Beckinsale did not return PEOPLE’s requests for comment.