Kate Beckinsale Asks Her Daughter if She's Doing 'a Lot of Cocaine' During a Relatable Mom Moment

The 45-year-old actress posted a snippet of her text message conversations with daughter Lily Mo Sheen

Kate Beckinsale can breathe a sigh of relief.

The actress, 45, posted a text message exchange with her daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, in which she learned that the 20-year-old is decidedly not doing any cocaine — despite a dream convincing the worried mom otherwise.

“Are you doing a lot of cocaine?!?” Beckinsale asked her daughter, whom she shares with actor Michael Sheen.

Lily was confused in her response.

“um..??” she replied, adding, “i’m doing 0 cocaine. what is happening?? hello??”

“I physically couldn’t be doing less cocaine,” Lily reiterated, still waiting for a response from her mom. “u can’t send me that and then go silent.”


“I had a dream you were and i was so mad,” Beckinsale said, explaining that, like many moms, she feared the worst after a dream about her child.

In response to her mother’s overreaction, Lily texted back, “you are a LUNATIC.”

“Worth checking in case had suddenly become soothsayer in sleep,” Beckinsale captioned the photo of their conversation on Instagram.

This isn’t the first time Beckinsale has shared examples of the mother-daughter duo’s funny rapport.

In April, she shared another snippet of conversation between them, in which Lily told her mom that a Haribo fell out of her nose. “The level of intrigue I am dealing with is actually too much for me,” the Pearl Harbor actress captioned that exchange.

In fact, the whole family seems to have a fun sense of humor together — Beckinsale and Michael broke up in 2003 after dating since 1995, but have remained close friends.

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage; MediaPunch/Shutterstock

In 2016, the trio recreated Lily’s birth photo, with Lily laying her head on her mom’s chest and dad Lily smiling in the background.

“Always a baby to me #Lily,” Beckinsale captioned the throwback post.

In addition to the fun they have together, Beckinsale is incredibly proud of her daughter.

“We are so unbelievably proud of you. Fly fly fly,” Beckinsale said on Instagram in 2016, after they found out Lily had been accepted into college.

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