Original 'Thor' Star Kat Dennings Is 'Excited' for Natalie Portman's Female Thor: It's 'Genius'

Kat Dennings played Natalie Portman's wise-cracking sidekick in the first two Thor movies

Kat Dennings is very into Marvel’s latest move.

The superhero giant announced at San Diego Comic-Con that Natalie Portman would be returning to the Thor franchise to star as a female God of Thunder in the upcoming fourth movie. Portman last appeared as Dr. Jane Foster in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, making her return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe even more exciting.

Dennings, who starred as Portman’s wise-cracking friend and intern in the first two Thor movies, is thrilled about the change.

“I love that. I think that’s genius. It is so smart, and it’s accurate [from the comics]. I am so excited. As a fan of Marvel projects, I am so excited,” she told PEOPLE at Hulu’s TCA presentation for her new show Dollface.

But does that mean Dennings’ Darcy Lewis will also return?

“I hope so! We’d all like to know that answer, I don’t know as of right now,” she said. “I would like to, I am a huge fan of [director Taika Watiti], he’s one of my favorite directors of all time. He’s incredible. So purely from a thing of I love all of those people, I love Marvel and I would love to go back. I also really want to work with him, but I don’t know.”

She continued, “[When the news broke] everyone was asking me [if I was going to be in it]. I was like ma’am, I also wonder, but I don’t know. It’s very [Marvel] to not tell me, so, we’ll see.”

Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings Thor

Portman starred as Thor’s love interest Jane Foster in Thor and Thor: The Dark World in 2011 and 2013. As Entertainment Weekly reports, “Her super new role in the fourth Thor film is based on Jason Aaron’s comic book run that saw Jane Foster ultimately become the Mighty Lady Thor when Thor Odinson finds himself unworthy of picking up Mjölnir for the first time in the rebooted Thor #1.”

The film will also star Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Marvel’s first queer superhero, along with Chris Hemsworth. It’s slated to hit theaters November 2021.

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