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November 01, 2016 05:54 AM
Warning: This post contains strong language.
Justin Theroux wants you to know he’s not shading Brad Pitt.

The 45-year-old Girl on the Train star had fans wondering whether he had posted a cryptic diss of his wife Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband to Instagram recently.

The shot in question features an oversized mural by artist Nick Flatt that Theroux snapped in Berlin. It shows a woman biting down on her middle finger while a list of people and things Flatt is raging against are written behind her — all beginning with the word “f—.”

Facebook, the NSA, cocaine and racism make the cut — as does politics, steroids, nukes and taxes.

Oh, and Brad Pitt’s listed there, too.


Commenters were quick to point out the connection — but Theroux said he wasn’t looking to cause drama.

“And NO this post is NOT ‘shading’ anyone because I’m not 11-years-old,” he captioned the post, in hashtag. “I mean, seriously.”

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So what did Theroux identify with in the artwork?

“Current Election Mood” he wrote, in hashtag — adding that he may also not be the biggest fan of pickles either.

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