Justin Theroux Tells Fans to Watch His 'Trippy' New Show 'Maniac' with an 'Open Mind'

Justin Theroux says the best way to go into his new Netflix show Maniac is with an open -- and maybe slightly cloudy -- mind

"Maniac" Season 1 New York Premiere
Photo: Mike Pont/WireImage

Justin Theroux wants to make sure people are prepared to fully take in his new show.

The actor stars in the highly-anticipated new Netflix show Maniac alongside Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, streaming now, which takes viewers on a futuristic wild ride that also ends up leading to different worlds. Theroux says the best way to go into it is with an open — and maybe slightly cloudy — mind.

“What’s legal in your state?” Theroux, 47, joked to PEOPLE at the New York City premiere of the show Thursday night. “I would say go in with an open mind and let it unfurl for yourself. It’s a real trippy thing, it has this trajectory that starts a little slow and then it just starts to gain altitude very quickly. Be open to it.”

The dark comedy stars Theroux as Dr. James K. Mantleray, who heads a radical pharmaceutical treatment to heal the mind that Hill and Stone’s character decide to partake in.

Michele K. Short/Netflix

Filming for the series took place in Theroux’s home base of New York City — something that made the actor very happy.

“It’s the best. Waking up and getting into a car and going to work in New York just feels great,” he said. “And also most of my set was interior, so even though it was winter time, I didn’t have to suffer through any bad weather.”

According to sources, Theroux’s love for New York was one of the difficulties in his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, who preferred her home in Los Angeles. The two split in February after seven years together and two and a half years of marriage.

“Jennifer loves her life in Los Angeles, and if anything, she has grown more attached to being there,” said an entertainment source at the time. “Justin is not that comfortable or happy in Los Angeles all the time. He loves New York and always has.”

Sources at the time said the Leftovers star had a hard time fitting into Aniston’s luxurious but insulated L.A. world, while Aniston tried spending more time in New York City with him but found it miserable dealing with constant paparazzi. Their increasingly divergent lifestyles often created conflict.

“[Justin] loves being out and about,” the Aniston source said. “He wanted their lives to be more spontaneous and simple, but that’s not possible with Jen.”

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