Justin Long and Brother Believe They Have Coronavirus But Can't Get Tested: We're Not 'Paranoid'

Justin Long and his brother, Christian, said they have shown symptoms of COVID-19 but have been unable to get tested

Justin Long, Christian Long
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Justin Long and his brother, Christian, suspect they may be positive for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

The duo spoke about their symptoms on the actor’s podcast Life Is Short with Justin Long on Tuesday in which Christian explained his girlfriend, Maggie, had returned home from a work trip and developed several COVID-19 symptoms.

“We should tell everyone that you actually have corona. You think you do. I might have it as well,” Justin, 41, said.

Christian, 38, replied, “I do have it. We’re not just being paranoid.”

Justin added, “Sadly, Christian’s girlfriend Maggie came back from her work trip and a couple of days later she was very ill. She had classic corona symptoms. She had a fever, dry cough, all the things that they’re saying people have with COVID.”

His brother said, “She’s on day 12 of it now and thankfully in the last 24 hours or so, she’s had no fever and seems to be doing a lot better.”

“The weird thing is, the day after she came down with symptoms, a couple of weeks ago, Justin and I came down with very mild versions of the exact same symptoms,” Christian added.

Justin said he began to believe he had coronavirus with the onset of “achiness, some nausea, headaches and then the tightness in the chests” that he and his brother began “noticing.”

“But then the strangest thing happened, which we then read was typical of this disease, is that it hasn’t happened to me, but Maggie and Christian lost their sense of taste and smell,” Justin said.

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That loss was what “convinced me I had it,” Christian revealed. “But unfortunately, we can’t get the tests because we’re not considered a high enough risk.”

Justin explained to listeners that they’d “both tried to get the test” to see if they were positive for the disease.

“As many of you know, you have to be in a high-risk group, which is older people and people with compromised immune systems, or it has to be severe enough in your system,” he said, which neither he nor his brother belonged to.

The two confirmed they were quarantined and concerned for their parents’ health. Their father, R. James, is in his 80s while their mother, Wendy, is in her 70s.

As of Tuesday, the U.S. death toll surpassed 3,000 with more than 170,000 confirmed cases in the country.

The U.S. now has the most cases in the world, ahead of China and Italy.

The CDC also says that the best prevention methods, other than social distancing, are basic forms of hygiene — careful handwashing, avoiding touching the face, moving away from people who are coughing or sneezing and staying home at signs of illness.

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