The actress showed off her best yell on command while stopping by Conan on Wednesday

You may want to cover your ears for this one.

Bryce Dallas Howard proved to late-night host Conan O’Brien on Wednesday just how bloodcurdling of a scream she can muster up, a necessity for her latest role in Jurassic World.

When the Conan host asked the 34-year-old actress whether she was asked to show off her best shriek while being cast for the Jurassic Park reboot, she responded, “They did not.”

“You need to be able to scream as if you’re seeing a genetically mutated Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing you,” O’Brien said. “Did they check out first whether you had a good scream? Because that would be important.”

“That would be important,” she agreed, getting laughs from the audience.

“That’d be so funny if they committed you to this $800 million movie, hired you, and you’re terrific, and you see the dinosaur and you’re like, ‘Ah!’ ” joked O’Brien as he gave his wimpiest yell.

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But have no fear, Jurassic fans – Howard proved just how convincing of a scream she can produce on command, nearly scaring the comedian right out of his seat.

And O’Brien wasn’t the only one terrified by Howard’s Jurassic Park skills. Her 3-year-old daughter, Beatrice, was also frightened by her mom’s dinosaur gig.

“I told her that I worked with a dinosaur. I thought she was going to be like, ‘Oh!’ But she looked terrified,” Howard told PEOPLE.

“And then almost every single night since then, she has asked me if a dinosaur is going to come into her room,” she said. “So it’s going to be a while before my daughter sees the film.”

Also starring Chris Pratt, Jurassic World hits theaters Friday.