August 06, 2015 03:40 AM

Brace yourself for another stampede.

The story of Jumanji is returning to the big screen on Christmas Day 2016, reports Slashfilm.

Sony Pictures first announced it would be rebooting the board game-gone-wild movie in 2012 and that Stranger Than Fiction writer Zack Helm would be working on the script.

The studio has stayed silent about the project until now, and it still isn’t revealing much. Sony Pictures officially set the release date, but it hasn’t offered any news on casting or how closely this adaptation would follow the first film.

Based on a 1981 children’s story by Chris Van Allsburg, the original Jumanji movie was released almost 20 years ago in December 1995. In the film, Robin Williams plays a man who was sucked into the vicious jungle of the game as a boy and is released years later along with a hunter, giant spiders, people-killing plants and plenty of other CGI wonders. Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst, Bradley Pierce, David Alan Grier, Jonathan Hyde and Bebe Neuwirth made up the rest of the cast.

Now, we just have to wait another year and a half to see what tricks Jumanji has in store next.

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