The Oscar-winning actress says her A-list status hasn't kept her from being a typical mother and wife

Credit: Mark Sagliocco/Getty

In a new interview with Australia’s Daily Telegraph, Julianne Moore opened up about raising son Caleb, 18, and daughter Liv, 14, to have relatively normal lives, despite having a very famous mom.

“They live a regular life. I make breakfast for them, my husband drives them to school and we all go to basketball games,” Moore, 55, said. “Both my kids play a lot of basketball – my son’s a really, really good player.”

She added: “We have family vacations. We’re involved in their lives and they don’t have jobs. I don’t think it’s a good thing for kids to work.”

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Moore, who has been in a relationship with filmmaker Bart Freundlich since 1996, also spoke about the difficulties of fostering a long-lasting marriage.

“I think it’s hard, no matter what. Relationships are challenging. It’s important not to be black and white about it,” she said.

“Some people make it through and some don’t, and some people split up and wish they hadn’t. And some people stay together and wish they hadn’t,” Moore added. “There are so many variables and I am not an expert!”