Julianne Moore Talks Filming Sex Scenes: 'People Never Have Sex the Way They Do in the Movies'

Gloria Bell is in theaters now

When it comes to talking about sex scenes, Julianne Moore tells it exactly how it is.

“People never have sex the way they do in the movies,” says Moore, who stars in the new film Gloria Bell. “You see that in these old sexy movies where somebody rips somebody’s blouse off.

“I’d be so upset if someone tore the buttons off my shirt,” she adds laughing. “I’d be ‘What are you doing?'”

In Gloria Bell, Moore, 58, plays a free spirited divorced mom of two who finds her groove on the dance floor, and falls in — and out of — love with a divorced dad played by John Turturro.

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For the film’s sex scenes, Moore and her director Sebastian Lelio (who also made the original Chilean film, Gloria, on which Gloria Bell is based) wanted a dose of reality.

“I do think that sex is challenging especially with someone brand new,” says the Oscar winner and married mom of two children. “It’s easy to have sex with someone you’ve known for a really long time. What we wanted to depict in Gloria Bell was the reality of that. We wanted it to be real and not fake.”

That meant some scenes where Moore appears topless.

“That was part of it,” she says matter of factly. “We wanted to add a level of reality to the situation. It’s part of the storytelling. It adds a level of reality.”

Says Lelio: “She’s a magnificent actress who can play an everyday woman, effortlessly, without losing her mythical aura at the same time.”

Surprisingly, it was dancing on camera that made Moore feel a little unsure. While her character freely shows off her moves, Moore says: “I’m not a natural dancer. Having to dance it like arrgh!”

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Julianne Moore. Aaron Richter/Getty Images x Pizza Hut

In fact, when Stephen Colbert recently asked her to show off a step on his talk show, she says, laughing, “I was thinking is this happening? Am I gonna do this. Oh my god!”

Like the fearless actress she is, Moore did it — with a brave smile.

And just like Gloria, Moore admits to occasionally belting out a song while driving. “Brick House is my jam!” she says with a laugh.

Gloria Bell is in theaters now.

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