Julianne Moore Is 'Excited' and 'Terrified' to See 'Dear Evan Hansen' : 'I Hope I Don't Stink'

Universal Pictures’ film adaption of Dear Evan Hansen premieres in September

Julianne Moore might be her own worst critic!

While appearing virtually on Watch What Happens Live Thursday, the Oscar-winning actress, 60, voiced her enthusiasm for the upcoming musical-movie adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen, in which she stars. Moore said she was a fan of the Broadway musical, which also starred movie lead Ben Platt as Evan Hansen, but noted that she hasn't seen the film yet.

"I have no doubt that Ben is brilliant in it. I think it's an extraordinary cast," she said. "I really just felt lucky to be there."

"I'm excited to see it, and terrified also," Moore confessed, adding with a laugh, "I hope I don't stink."

Questioned by host Andy Cohen about what could go awry in her eyes, Moore replied, "I don't know, but this is a new thing for me! Singing a song!"

"Well, stinking in a movie would be a new thing for you too," Cohen, 53, teased.

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In the upcoming film, the Lisey's Story actress plays Evan's mother, Heidi Hansen, appearing alongside Kaitlyn Dever as the protagonist's love interest. Amy Adams and Amandla Stenberg also have starring roles.

Dear Evan Hansen tells the story of a socially anxious high school student, paralyzed by the hyper-connectivity of social media and forced to watch the world from the outside looking in. Trying to improve his self-image, Evan writes himself a letter that is mistaken for a classmate's suicide note — and rides that error to popularity.

Dear Evan Hansen
Ben Platt and Kaitlyn Dever in Dear Evan Hansen. Courtesy NBCUniversal

Speaking to PEOPLE in March 2020, Platt said he "would love to go back" and take his role to the silver screen, voicing his hopes that a then-hypothetical adaptation would be a "new thing."

"A lot of times when you're taking something from stage to screen there can be almost too much faithfulness to the stage piece out of respect for fans or for people that love the material," he said at the time.

"What's important for people to understand is the film is such a different piece. I think not being afraid to reinvent it for the screen would be the thing that would make or break it."

Dear Evan Hansen premieres in theaters on Sept. 24.

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