Julianne Moore Celebrates 17th Wedding Anniversary with Bart Freundlich: 'No One I'd Rather Be with'

Julianne Moore previously told PEOPLE her love for her husband continues to grow and "gets way better"

Julianne Moore husband
Photo: Julianne Moore/Instagram

Julianne Moore is marking 17 years of marriage with Bart Freundlich!

On Sunday, the Oscar winner, 59, posted a photo of herself embracing her filmmaker husband, 50, as they smiled and posed together in matching white shirts while barefoot. In her sweet caption, Moore joked about each other's quarantine hygiene on their special day.

"I said he should take a shower. He said my hair smelled bad, like mildew, or an old box. Happy 17th Wedding anniversary @freundlich96 - there is no one I’d rather be with everyday. I love you. #anniversary #quarantine," wrote Moore, who shares two kids with Freundlich: son Caleb, 22, and daughter Liv, 18.

In the comment section, several of Moore's famous pals congratulated the couple on the milestone, including Chelsea Handler, who wrote, "I love you two. Couple goals."

"Hysterical happy anniversary 😍💫🙌," commented Naomi Watts, as Rita Wilson wrote, "Happy Anniversary you two! 🥂." Holland Taylor added: "I L O V E T H I S ~."

In March 2019, Moore opened up to PEOPLE about what makes her marriage work with Freundlich, who directed her in last year's drama After the Wedding.

“We have this narrative in our culture that if you want a career, you have to work hard, go to school, look for a job, you have to apply yourself but love is supposed to just happen to you,” she said at the time. “One day you’re going to meet someone and get hit over the head and boom! That happens in romantic comedies, but in real life you have to make time."

"When you find a person, you have to invest in them and that relationship. And that’s what love is," Moore added.

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Moore met Freundlich in 1996 while making The Myth of Fingerprints, which he directed. “It was pretty unexpected,” she recalled of their relationship. The two then began spending time on both coasts: in New York City, where he was based, and also in Los Angeles, where she was then living.

“It kept going, and now we have this huge history together,” she said. “It’s true — that thing about love growing. It does and it gets way better.”

Moore described marriage as “a container for a family and that’s why legal marriage is important — that everyone be allowed to be married, every couple, because it’s a way of saying to the world, ‘I’m legally committed to this person and I’m going to make this container for the two of us, and then our children, and our life together.'”

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