How Julianne Moore Got the Life She 'Always Dreamed Of'

The Still Alice star was honored at the Museum of the Moving Image

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She now boasts five Academy Award nominations, recent Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award wins and another SAG nod. But for Julianne Moore, family still outweighs it all.

The Oscar nominee, 54, shared sweet remarks about her director husband Bart Freundlich and children Caleb, 17, and Liv, 12, after being honored by the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City on Tuesday.

“When I read the script for [The Myth of Fingerprints], I met Bart Freundlich. I loved it, and I loved his story,” she said, glowing at the podium in a gold sequin dress. “But I never, ever, ever in my life imagined that making that movie would give me the personal life that I always dreamed of.”

And Freundlich, who sat with arms around his daughter and son while listening to Moore’s speech, wasn’t shy when he shared his mutual feelings.

“I’ve known her for 20 years, been married to her for 11, had kids with her for 17, directed her 3 times. We have two dogs,” he began.

“I’ve been with her through numerous sunburns, four Oscar ceremonies – five to come – a colonoscopy and her Broadway debut,” he continued. “The last two were equally as uncomfortable for her!”

After a good laugh and speeches from famous friends including Ellen Barkin, Chloë Grace Moretz and Sarah Paulson, Moore thanked the room and her family once more.

“When I received the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year, I made a lot of jokes to my family about how I don’t need a tombstone now. Now I feel like I don’t need a memorial service either,” she said.

Moore has chosen her roles in order to stay present in her family life, she recently told PEOPLE.

“My family makes me most happy,” she said. “It would be miserable without them.”

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