Julia Roberts: Husband Danny Moder Is 'My Favorite Person on the Planet'

Julia Roberts opens up about working with her husband, a cinematographer, both at home and on set

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder can’t get enough of each other: Not only are they coparents, but they’re also coworkers.

While promoting her upcoming film Secret in Their Eyes, which opens Nov. 20, Roberts spoke to PEOPLE Thursday about working with her husband of 10 years, who served as cinematographer for the film.

“It was amazing. It was so great. He’s my favorite person on the planet, so I love spending time with him and I love his work ethic. His point of view is really valuable to me,” the actress, 48, gushed. “It was great.”

She continued, “Also, when you feel like you have to do scenes where you’re sort of really exposing yourself in a way that I wouldn’t do sitting here with you guys comfortably, but if he was sitting right behind me and I felt some sense of that security, it just makes you want to do more, really.”

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Roberts also explained that because she and Moder both have hectic, time-consuming jobs, they work together and cover for each other to take care of twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, both 10, and Henry, 8.

“Danny is very much a part of [our kids’ routine] so there’s only one little element gone – I like to think I’m an important element,” she said of being away from her children while filming.

She said her love for her husband and family has translated to greater happiness with herself.

“I just had my birthday and I don’t think I had felt so happy on a birthday in quite a long while,” Roberts said. “I think part of it is just the happy space that I’m lucky enough to occupy in the world, with my family and my friends – and I played Mahjong all day.”

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