Julia Roberts Hilariously Crashes George Clooney's Interview with Jimmy Kimmel: 'Holy Moly!'

The Oscar winners and friends played coy during the surprise cameo on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Hello, Julia Roberts!

The 54-year-old actress quietly crashed George Clooney's virtual interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, briefly sliding into the frame for a hilarious cameo.

Clooney, 60, was chatting with the host and newcomer Daniel Ranieri about his and the 10-year-old's new movie The Tender Bar when the Pretty Woman star popped in for a few moments.

"Oh my goodness, wow. Holy moly," Jimmy Kimmel said when Roberts rolled in on a chair to Clooney's side, wearing sunglasses and staying silent.

10-Year-Old Daniel Ranieri & George Clooney on Movie The Tender Bar & PlayStation 5 Drama with Jimmy
Jimmy Kimmel Live

"George, I don't know if you're aware of this, but there's a woman sitting next to you," the 54-year-old comedian teased, as the Gravity star playfully pretended he didn't see a thing.

As Roberts rolled away, Kimmel joked, "Maybe I hallucinated that. It looked like Julia Roberts though."

The Oscar winners and friends are currently collaborating on the upcoming romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise, out next year. The stars have shared the screen before in Ocean's Eleven, Money Monster, and more.

Julia Roberts; George Clooney
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Cutting back to their conversation, Kimmel asked Ranieri if either Clooney or Ben Affleck (who he stars alongside in The Tender Bar, directed by Clooney) is his favorite Batman.

Dodging the question, Ranieri exclaimed "Christian Bale!" and Clooney chuckled.

"Guess who's not going to be in The Tender Bar 2!" Kimmel laughed.

The film stars Tye Sheridan as a boy named J.R. (with Ranieri playing a younger J.R.) growing up under the tutelage of his Uncle Charlie (Affleck) and other father figures. With his home base in Charlie's bar, J.R. makes a stab at pursuing his dreams. His mom (Lily Rabe) and grandfather (Christopher Lloyd) worry about J.R.'s future, but Charlie takes him under his wing to share his wisdom.

The Tender Bar hits theaters Friday.

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