"She's so energetic and seems to speak her mind and I think it's great," Roberts said of Jennifer Lawrence

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Julia Roberts is welcoming Jennifer Lawrence into the America’s sweetheart fold with open arms.

“I applaud her,” Roberts told Michael Strahan during a Good Morning America interview, saying she’s a fan of Lawrence’s wage-gap essay.

“She’s a young, fabulous, talented whippersnapper and I love that she’s stirring things up,” Roberts said. “I mean, she just – she’s so energetic and seems to speak her mind, and I think it’s great. I think it’s great to kind of shake things up. I think it’s great to go, ‘Excuse me. Over here. I know something now and I’m frustrated by it and why is this?’ ”

And Roberts sees some similarities in herself.

“I feel like part of my personality is ferocious, and part of my personality is the greatest power you can wield toward an enemy is to ignore their existence,” Roberts, 48, said.

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The Oscar winner also talked about working alongside her cinematographer husband Danny Moder on the upcoming drama Secret in Their Eyes.

“I try to impress him so much,” she admitted.

When Strahan questioned why, the Oscar winner had a simple response: “He’s my person.”

“Part of it is we would spend the whole day together and by the time we get home we’re not talking about work – it was just all about the kids, which was just amazing.”

The couple have three children: twins Hazel, and Phinnaeus, 10, and Henry, 8.

“I think I definitely tried to go more, find more to kind of make him go, ‘Oh, I did not expect her to do that,’ ” Roberts said of playing a detective investigating her daughter’s murder, as her husband watched the film shoot unfold.