Judy Greer Feels 'Very Lucky' to Be an Actress in Her 40s: 'The Consciousness Is Shifting'

"This is such an interesting time in my life," Judy Greer tells PEOPLE while discussing her new role as founding partner of 40+ women's naturopathic wellness brand Wile

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Judy Greer is embracing her age with the next phase of her career.

The Halloween Kills actress, 46, tells PEOPLE that "it's an interesting time" to be an actress in her 40s, as she opens up about her new role as founding partner of 40-plus women's naturopathic wellness brand Wile.

"When I first started acting, I felt like youth was everything and I was very aware of that. And now I think that the zeitgeist, the consciousness is shifting and we're all sort of feeling differently about body image. We're feeling differently about aging. We're dipping our toe into becoming more expansive with our ideas about what is beautiful and what is worthy," she muses.

"I feel very lucky to be an actress in my 40s right now because there are great roles for us. There are great directors and writers out there," Greer says, adding: "And so I think that we're just getting served better material than those women were when I was in my 20s... There's a long way to go. Please don't get me wrong, but it's a start and I'll take it."

She became involved with Wile through her longtime friend and former publicist Corey Scholibo, who co-founded the company with Gwen Floyd and Julie Kucinski. Scholibo turned her onto the products after recognizing some of the hormonal changes she was going through.

judy greer

"It was a topic that is really important to me because Corey brought this concept to me at a time where I started to feel like not as much myself and I didn't really understand what that was and it just was one of those organic, lightning in a bottle moments," Greer recounts.

Greer discovered that many of her friends felt the same way about the lack of wellness solutions for middle-aged women that goes beyond "candles and bath bombs for self-care."

"There's this shift that I started to notice that I was starting to talk to my friends about as we were getting into our 40s that I didn't [see] being addressed," she says. "I didn't feel like there was any products on the market that were there for me specifically and dealing with my needs specifically.

"There's lots of great products on the market, but it just felt like this great big white space where I was like, 'Why is no one selling me something for the way that I feel when everyone I talk to feels this way?'" Greer continues.

judy greer

The Jawbreaker star swears by Wile's products, having used them in her own life. The line includes four daily herbal supplements that address stress, hot flashes, perimenopause support and period support, as well as concentrated herbal tinctures that relieve burnout, anger and anxiety. The Drinking Your Feelings chai drink mix prevents stress eating.

"Yesterday, I was in such a foul mood that I took the stress one and I took the hormonal balance, the two supplements, and it was like a miracle," Greer says. "I honestly was really mean to my husband and he said, 'You're being really mean to me today.' And I hadn't taken my supplements, so I did, and then we had this really long car drive and I really calmed down a lot."

Greer married producer Dean E. Johnsen in 2011, when she also became stepmother to his two children.

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"This is such an interesting time in my life," Greer adds. "You're starting to really know yourself and you're starting to really see what we thought was really important, like being busy all the time, I'm really starting to see that that's not special. That's actually a problem."

Greer can next be seen in the upcoming true crime limited series The Thing About Pam, premiering March 8 on NBC.

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