Judi Dench has a different idea for how actors involved in sexual misconduct should be punished
Olivier Theatre Awards 2015 - Auditorium - 12 Apr 2015
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Judi Dench has a different idea for how actors involved in sexual misconduct should be punished.

At Spain’s San Sebastien International Film Festival on Tuesday, the actress, 83, spoke about her friendship with Kevin Spacey, according to Variety, recalling that Spacey supported her on the set of 2001’s The Shipping News after her husband had died.

“Kevin was an inestimable comfort and never mentioned he knew I was in a bad way,” she said.

When asked about the sexual misconduct accusations against Spacey and him being subsequently replaced by Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World, the Dame responded, “I can’t approve, in any way, of the fact that — whatever he has done — that you then start to cut him out of the films.”

The Olivier Awards, Royal Opera House, London, Britain - 12 Apr 2015
Judi Dench and Kevin Spacey
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Dench continued: “Are we to go back throughout history and anyone who has misbehaved in any way, or who has broken the law, or who has committed some kind of offense, are they always going to be cut out? Are we going to extrude them from our history?”

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The Oscar winner added, “I don’t know about the conditions of it, but nevertheless he is, and was, a most wonderful actor… And a good friend,” before concluding, “I can’t imagine what he’s doing now.”

Despite taking issue with specific #MeToo casualties, Dench said she was all in all happy with the results of the movement. “I think there are many things to be redressed and made right,” she explained. “It is an extraordinary moment of change, a sea change at the moment. And there are many more parts for women, which is very good indeed, and long may that go on.”

Kevin Spacey
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Last October, actor Anthony Rapp, 46, accused Spacey, 59, of making inappropriate sexual advances when Rapp was just 14. Since then, several more actors have told stories about the House of Cards alum harassing or assaulting them. In April, one sexual assault case against the star, which reportedly took place in October of 1992 in West Hollywood and involved an adult male, was turned over to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for further review.

In July, three more people reportedly came forward, accusing Spacey of sexual assault in England, and in August, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office received a new sexual assault case involving the Oscar winner, reps from the office confirmed to PEOPLE at the time.

In November 2017, Spacey entered a treatment facility. He has not been out in public since and has been written off the final season of House of Cards.