Jimmy Fallon Challenges Jude Law to a Game of Pool Bowling (VIDEO)

The actor played a unique version of the classic bar game on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show

Photo: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Jimmy Fallon and Jude Law took a classic bar activity to the next level.

The Spy star joined The Tonight Show host Tuesday on a larger-than-life pool table for a match. But instead of relying on cues and billiards chalk, the men rolled bowling balls into the pockets.

Law, 42, and Fallon, 40, guzzled from beer bottles as they rolled their striped and solid balls around the stage-sized table. While the stars easily scored their first respective pockets, finishing the game wasn’t as easy.

“I can’t believe I’m breaking a sweat doing this but I am,” Fallon said after accidentally knocking the cue ball in.

After a lengthy struggle, Fallon made a final bank shot to walk away with the win.

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Law plays Melissa McCarthy‘s CIA partner in the Paul Feig-directed espionage comedy Spy, out Friday.

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