Jude Law's Son Rafferty Looks Exactly Like Him

Jude Law and Sadie Frost's son Rafferty is the spitting image of his famous father

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Jude Law‘s teenage son is causing some serious double-takes.

The actor’s look-alike 18-year-old son, Rafferty, looked like the spitting image of his famous dad while out at The Groucho Club in London on Friday night.

The teenage Law, who’s already booking modeling gigs, posed with his mom, actress Sadie Frost, at the private club, which was hosting an album preview party for musician Collette Cooper.

Rafferty is Law’s first child Frost, whom he divorced in October 2003. The Sherlock Holmes star also has a daughter Iris, 13, and son Rudy, 12, from the marriage.

The young model/musician made his runway debut for the DKNY Men fashion show and was named one of the best-dressed men in Britain by GQ magazine earlier this year.

“I’m in a band, Dirty Harrys. My best friend Marley and I write all the songs, and we’ve been playing gigs around London,” he told Teen Vogue. “I would love to keep evolving with my band, recording more songs, and touring. I think I will always be in music!”

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