Gad and Evans have harsh criticism for Snow White's prince and high praise for Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty
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It’s no surprise that the Disney princesses get the most attention and admiration from fans (and merchandising), but it’s worth noting that their counterparts, the princes, deserve a few kudos for their roles (and heroics) in Disney classics.

PEOPLE sat down with Beauty and the Beast stars Josh Gad and Luke Evans recently to discuss the subject and debate the winning qualities of their favorite Disney princes. As you’ll see in the video above, Gad and Evans have clear favorites — and some harsh criticism for the guys who “just show up” at the end.

“The prince in Snow White just literally shows up and kisses a dead girl,” notes Gad. “The one I feel really badly for is the Sleeping Beauty prince [Prince Phillip], because he’s got to fight a dragon–”

“A thorny forest,” adds Evans.

“A thorny forest! He’s put thru so much,” says Gad. “He has to prove so much.”

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Gad and Evans also approve of The Little Mermaid‘s Prince Eric, who they agree is one of the “good” ones who “leaves a mark,” but their focus is on Phillip from Sleeping Beauty.

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“The one in Sleeping Beauty has so much to prove and doesn’t have the help of seven dwarves,” complains Gad.

“The [Snow White prince] phoned it in,” agrees Evans.

“And then he has time to just learn a a song in the middle!” adds Gad, who starts singing the film’s memorable love song “Once Upon a Dream.” “She’s off in the woods singing and all of the sudden they both know the lyrics!”