"[We] have a lot of love for our son and have a good time together," he added.

By Mike Miller
May 05, 2017 07:02 PM
Haute Living San Francisco

Josh Duhamel is revealing the simple secret that’s led to a happy 13 year relationship with his wife Fergie.

“We genuinely like each other,” the Transformers: The Last Knight star said in the latest issue of Haute Living. “[We] have a lot of love for our son and have a good time together,” he added. “And that’s about it.”

Haute Living San Francisco

The actor and singer (real name Stacy Ann Ferguson) met in 2004, after she appeared on his show Las Vegas with her band The Black Eyed Peas. They wed in 2009, and had their son, Axl, in 2013.

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Reflecting on his life now, the heartthrob actor said his days of being a sex symbol feel like they’re behind him. “I don’t know if I even was a sex symbol,” he said, adding, “Maybe when I was younger but I don’t know.”

Haute Living San Francisco

Despite his modesty, Duhamel has enjoyed considerable sex symbol status since he broke onto the scene in All My Children in the late ’90s. Posing fully nude for Greg Gorman‘s “As I See It” photography book in 2000 helped cement that image.

“I don’t feel so much of that anymore,” Duhamel admits. “I’m playing the dad of a 17-year-old kid,” he adds with a laugh. “I’m that guy now. I don’t know really look at myself as that. It’s all fleeting.”

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters June 23.