Josh Duhamel Catches a Mouse in the 'Today' Show Green Room — and Al Roker Has the Best Reaction!

Josh Duhamel's mouse-catching skills may have to do with his love for the outdoors

Josh Duhamel can now add rodent control to his resumé.

After finishing his Today show appearance on Tuesday, the Love, Simon actor’s work wasn’t done yet when he caught a stray mouse in the green room, as documented by Al Roker on Instagram.

“Josh Duhamel, you caught the green room mouse?” the TV personality and weatherman, 63, said as the camera panned to the star.

“We got him,” Duhamel, 45, proudly said as he smiled and revealed the mouse inside a coffee cup.

But the mouse had other plans, jumping out and landing on the floor!

Duhamel reacted quickly and once again caught it again, even leaving the mouse cup covered with a lid on the kitchen counter.

“Oh yeah, just leave it there for somebody,” Roker joked.


The North Dakota native’s mouse-catching skills may have to do with his love for the outdoors.

“Wherever I’m living, whether I’m home or on the road, I need to be someplace that has easy access to the outdoors,” he told PEOPLE in April 2017. In fact, he’s encouraging his son Axl, 4, to have the same appreciation.

“He’ll go exploring and gathering things – whether it’s flowers or rocks. He really has a fascination with sticks. He’s just like me – he loves to be out there, he loves to get outside,” the father of one said.

Adding, “For me, it’s important to get my son interested in that kind of stuff and excited about the adventures of the great outdoors as much as possible.”

Most recently after announcing his separation from Fergie after eight years of marriage, Duhamel purchased a ranch-style house in Los Angeles that accommodates his outdoor hobbies.

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