Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new film, Project Power, is now streaming on Netflix

By Alexia Fernandez
August 14, 2020 02:59 PM
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's latest film required minimal visual effects and plenty of courage on his part.

In his new Netflix film Project Power, the actor, 39, plays a local cop on a mission to find the origin of a pill that gives people five minutes of superpower when ingested.

Speaking to E! News about the production, Gordon-Levitt revealed that one particular action-packed scene, in which he appears to be shot in the face, was about as real as it comes with regard to his reaction.

"The crazy thing about that shot is there's no makeup, there's no prosthetics and there's hardly any visual effects on it, actually," he said. "It's just a slow-motion shot. They just had the really crazy idea to take this really powerful air gun and shoot a strong blast of air at my face and shoot it in slow motion."

A gun and a bullet were later edited into the film, "but really, my face was moving like that," the actor told the outlet.

"It actually made it pretty easy to act scared... I was trying my best not to flinch but it was hard," he continued. "They were pointing a powerful thing in my face! And it went off!"

The movie also stars Jamie Foxx and Dominique Fishback.

As for how the actor has been adjusting to staying at home, he told the outlet, "Of course I'm sick of it like everybody else, but I mostly just feel grateful."

"I feel grateful that I have a place that I can be safe and I'm able to work from home and everybody's healthy," he said. "Just trying to keep thanks."

Project Power is now streaming on Netflix.