Joseph Gordon-Levitt Remembers His Brother Dan 10 Years After His Death: 'We All Miss Him'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's older brother, Dan, died at the age of 36 in October 2010

Joseph Gordon Levitt and his brother Dan
Daniel Gordon-Levitt (left) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt .

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is honoring his older brother's birthday 10 years after his death.

The actor, 39, paid tribute to his brother, Dan, on what would have been his 46th birthday on Monday.

"Today’s my brother dan’s birthday," Gordon-Levitt wrote in a tweet. "He and I started @hitrecord together a long time ago. We all miss him, been ten years now since he died."

He continued, "I love seeing art inspired by him. Draw him, write about him, talk about him, whatever. Post here —"

Gordon-Levitt included a blog post on the hitRECord website in which he encouraged people who knew his brother to contribute stories, photos and videos about him. The brothers co-founded the media platform in 2005.

“We’ve done various projects in honor of my brother here on hitRECord over the years. But there isn’t really a catch-all place to just contribute anything about him,” the actor wrote on the website.

“Maybe you have a story about an experience you and he had together. Maybe you have some photos you took of him,” he continued. “Maybe you drew him or something. People post stuff like that on his facebook page, but there ought to be a place on HITRECORD.”

He added, “So since today, July 27th, is his birthday, I thought it’d be a good day to start it. Perhaps we could eventually make a book out of stuff on this page. Or perhaps a documentary. But regardless of any longer term goals like that, I’d just like there to be a place on the site where we gather a bunch of stuff about him. EXCELSIOR! <3”

Dan was a fire-spinning artist and flow arts teacher at Flow Temple Arts School in Venice Beach, California, before his death in October 2010. He was 36.

At the time, he was found unresponsive in his Hollywood home and taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. A cause of death was not made public.

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