"[Shoutout] to Jonah Hill, always cool, calm, and collected. Even in the face of imminent disaster," the original Jonah Hill meme read

Jonah Hill might be the internet’s favorite new meme, but he’s trying to keep the focus where it matters.

The actor inadvertently became a meme this week when a photo of him holding an iced coffee as its about to fall from his hand went viral.

“[Shoutout] to Jonah Hill, always cool, calm, and collected. Even in the face of imminent disaster,” the original meme captioned the shot, which shows a serious Hill walking down the street while holding the coffee by its lid.

Hours after the tweet went viral, Hill, 35, finally addressed his new call to fame and jokingly asked people to focus on what really matters — his lost coffee.

“The internet has been very interested in this photo of me dropping my coffee. But we’re all forgetting the real tragedy here. We’re forgetting to mourn this coffee. I didn’t know it long but damn was our time together special. As fleeting as it was. I’ll never forget you,” he wrote on Instagram next to one of the memes made from the picture.

Hill’s new meme-worthy status comes at a happy time for the actor as he just got engaged to girlfriend Gianna Santos. The two were first spotted together in August 2018 while taking a walk together in New York City and have kept their relationship low-key.

Santos graduated from Fordham University in 2011 and is currently a content manager for Violet Gray, a beauty company based in Los Angeles, according to her LinkedIn. Santos was also head stylist and producer at the fashion brand KITH NYC.

Hill also appears to be making moves toward settling down with Santos. The Wolf of Wall Street actor recently bought a $6.77 million home in Santa Monica, California, according to Variety.