Johnny Knoxville Worries He's 'Addicted' to Dangerous Stunts After Suffering Concussions

Johnny Knoxville's days of doing injury-inducing stunts might be coming to an end

Johnny Knoxville‘s days of doing injury-inducing stunts might be coming to an end.

In a new interview with Vulture, Knoxville said he’s considering calling in a stunt-double for his work moving forward after realizing he might be “addicted” to pain.

“God help me, I love stunts. But after this one, which I got hurt on more than any film I’ve done, I started to think, ‘Why do I love it? Am I addicted to it? Is it coming from a good place?,’he said of his working on his latest film Action Point. “I don’t want to overthink things, but I don’t want to underthink them either because in this line of work you only get so many chances.”

The actor previously said he suffered multiple concussions while filming, and at one point, his left eye popped out of the socket.

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Knoxville, 47, said part of what makes his stunts so risky is that they are not “designed to succeed.”

“I do love the idea of an actor really doing his stunts with no cuts in the action,” he told Vulture. “That adds so much energy and immediacy to a film. Some other actors do their own stunts, but the difference is that their stunts are designed to succeed.”

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The actor, who made a name for himself performing dangerous, pain-inflicting pranks in MTV’s Jackass franchise, admitted that he still gets nervous before doing a stunt onscreen.

“I still get scared to do them beforehand, but I can override that fear,” he said.

So what inspired Knoxville’s more cautious thinking? The actor said he began to reflect on his life after his mother passed away.

The actor said he doesn’t want to put himself in a position where he’ll no longer be there for his three kids — Madison, 22, Rocko, 8, and Arlo, 6.

“Things can go seriously wrong at any time with a stunt,” he said. “I always know I can get to the ramp, per se, but after that, I don’t know what’ll happen. And thinking about that made me fearful of making my children feel like I felt about my mom.”

Action Point stars Knoxville as the owner of a low-rent amusement park, where the rides are designed with minimum safety features.

Action Point hits theaters June 1.

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