"I have cancer and it doesn't look good," Depp's character, Richard, says


Johnny Depp is grabbing life head-on in his new movie.

In a PEOPLE exclusive look at the first trailer for The Professor, Depp stars as Richard, a college professor faced with a cancer diagnosis that leaves him with just six months to live.

Richard breaks the news to his loved ones, and also adopts a new outlook on life — one that affects his teaching methods.

“My name is Richard. I’m your professor. From here on out we’re going to do things very differently,” he says as he introduces himself to his class. “Oh, and if any of you sell marijuana, please visit me during office hours.”

Admitting the gravity of his diagnosis isn’t easy on Richard, who also struggles with his wife’s infidelity.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp in The Professor
| Credit: Global Road Entertainment/Saban Films

“I have cancer and it doesn’t look good,” he tells a friend.

As his health deteriorates, Richard seeks to inspire his students telling them, “You’ve got one shot, grab it, snatch it up, make it yours.”

Depp stars alongside Zoey Deutch, Rosemarie DeWitt, Ron Livingston, Justine Warrington and Danny Huston.

The Professor is on DIRECTV starting April 18 and in theaters and on demand on May 17.