That's Mad! Watch Johnny Depp Surprise Fans at Disneyland in His Mad Hatter Garb

Go behind the scenes with Johnny Depp to see how he dressed as the Mad Hatter and surprised unsuspecting passersby at Disneyland

Photo: Walt Disney Studios

Oh, Johnny Depp, you fun-loving trickster, you.

In support of his new film Alice Through the Looking Glass, the actor got back into his Mad Hatter character to surprise a slew of unsuspecting fans and amusement park goers at Disneyland.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes video above, the actor, wearing his full Mad Hatter hair, makeup and costume, is positioned in front of a camera that is broadcasting a live feed from within Disneyland. From Depp’s perspective, he is watching everyone walk by the camera and from the perspective of the unsuspecting passerby, they’re looking at what appears to be an animated poster.

The park goers who stop in front of the poster are treated to a clever surprise: interacting with Depp himself – even though none of them knew it at the time.

Because Depp was watching the action live from where he was, he could react and respond in real time, interactions like waving to passerby, cheekily posing for their photos and brief back-and-forth conversations with those who stopped long enough to talk to the “animated poster,” aka Depp himself. A few of the park goers start to realize they might actually be interacting with the actor, but because Depp is hidden away they can’t be sure – until they see this video.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor seems to be having fun with his promotional duties for Alice. Last Sunday he poked fun at the video he and wife Amber Heard recorded after they were accused of illegally importing their two dogs into Australia. And last month he participated in a Facebook live chat where he revealed what sort of sandwich he would be.

Alice Through the Looking Glass opens in theaters May 27.

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