"There’s no one else in the world I’d rather dance with than my daughter Ella," the actor said in a recent interview
John Travolta Says Dancing with Daughter Ella for Super Bowl Commercial was 'Magical'
John and Ella Travolta in Super Bowl ad

John Travolta is reflecting on the "magical" experience of dancing with his daughter earlier this year in an ad that ran during the Super Bowl.

In an interview with Esquire Mexico published earlier this month, the longtime actor shared some background on the sweet Super Bowl ad that he starred in with his 21-year-old daughter Ella.

"It was magical, there's no one else in the world I'd rather dance with than my daughter Ella," Travolta, 67, said of the Scotts Miracle-Gro commercial. The ad spot featured the father-daughter pair dancing the hand jive to Surface's hit "Sunday Best."

"It worked on so many levels! First, as a unique moment of entertainment that people loved seeing. Secondly, it allowed me to introduce my daughter to the world on a huge stage, showing off her talent and beauty," Travolta continued.

ella bleu and john tavolta
Ella and John Travolta

The Grease star went on to say that the advertisement "also turned into a beautiful tribute to" his late wife and Ella's mother, Kelly Preston. The 57-year-old actress died last July after a private two-year battle with breast cancer.

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"Kelly and I dance a lot. It was really important to us," Travolta explained to Esquire Mexico. "We had 5, 6 million views and then we did a TikTok challenge, asking people to recreate the dance and it went viral. I'm really thankful that the brand asked us to do it together."

Travolta has often spoken about his love for dancing with his family and last August shared a video on Instagram as a tribute to Preston.

"My daughter @ella.travolta and I dancing in memory of momma. One of Kelly's favorite things, dancing with me," the actor wrote in the caption for a video of he and Ella sharing a dance.

Travolta was married to Preston for 29 years and they had three children together: Ella, 10-year-old son Benjamin and son Jett, who died at age 16 in January 2009.

In his interview with Esquire Mexico, Travolta also delved into his long-lasting Hollywood career from starring in the TV shows Emergency and Welcome Back, Kotter to star-making turns in Grease and Pulp Fiction.

"It's fame that trained me for 2020," Travolta told Esquire Mexico. "When you are famous, you live in a kind of plastic bubble, cloistered like an oyster. You can't abandon it if you want to go out on a normal day to explore life. Part me of was already familiar with this kind of life. Fame is what has made me prepare for these rare times that we live in." 

When it comes to his legacy, Travolta said, "The legacy is created by all the people who have loved and helped me over the years. So I leave it to them to form whatever memory they wish to have about me."

"Life is movement and a journey; what you leave behind in people, I guess that's your legacy," he added. "How they interpret my life will be different for each one. And that's okay, because that will be me."