John Travolta is bringing some Grease Lightening to the South of France!


By Nigel Smith
May 18, 2018 11:58 AM

John Travolta is bringing some “Grease Lightning” to the South of France!

The actor, 64, channeled Danny Zuko, his beloved character from Grease, at a 40th anniversary screening of the classic musical on Wednesday night at the Cannes Film Festival. Wearing a denim jacket, black t-shirt and slim jeans, he appeared every inch the heartthrob from the 1978 movie.

Director Randall Kleiser, John Travolta and Kelly Preston
John Phillips/Getty

Travolta was joined at the event by his wife Kelly Preston, 55, and their son Benjamin, 7.

Also in attendance at the beachfront screening was Grease director Randal Kleiser.

“It’s very exciting to have a screening on the beach her at Cannes after forty years,” Kleiser, 71, said to the audience, according to Entertainment Tonight. “John Travolta coming back for it is a big thrill too. I can’t wait to see what happens.”

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Travolta also spoke, saying, “This is a film that’s so timeless that keeps on giving to each new generation,. When people watch this, they just get happy. They want to become the characters they’re watching. They want to sing along with it, they want to dance, they want to be part of this film. When mutual enthusiasm comes together and creates an environment you can create almost anything — and we created Grease.”

Director Randall Kleiser and John Travolta
John Phillips/Getty

Earlier this week, Travolta was spotted getting his groove on at Cannes alongside rapper 50 Cent. In an Instagram video shared on social media on Tuesday by Jeremy Bettis, an executive at 50 Cent’s record label, Travolta is seen dancing as 50 Cent raps his big hit.50 Cent posted a shorter version of the clip on his social media account, tweeting: “Me and John Travolta partying 😆.”