John Singleton's Accomplished Life and Career in Photos

The acclaimed director died on April 29 following a stroke that left him in a coma

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John Singleton
John Singleton. Anthony Barboza/Getty

Born in Los Angeles on Jan. 6, 1968, John Singleton went on to graduate from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts in 1990, immediately following his passion for filmmaking.

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John Singleton
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Just one year later, he released the critically acclaimed Boyz n the Hood, which earned him an Oscar for Best Director. He was the first African-American and the youngest person to score a nomination in that category (he scored one for Best Writing, as well).

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John Singleton
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Though it didn't earn him any Oscars, Boyz n the Hood launched Singleton into stardom, and gave him a platform to speak out about important issues like race in Hollywood.

He told The Hollywood Reporter in more recent years that studios weren’t “letting the black people tell the stories” when it came to films depicting the African-American experience.

“[Studio executives say] ‘We’re going to take your stories but, you know what? You’re going to go starve over here and we’re not going to let you get a job,’” Singleton said. “The so-called liberals that are in Hollywood now are not as good as their parents of ancestors.”

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John Singleton
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Singleton followed his success by directing films like Poetic Justice, Higher Learning and Rosewood, before having another blockbuster moment with the 2000 remake of Shaft, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

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John Singleton
Lester Cohen/WireImage

Following 2001's Baby Boy, Singleton made his mark on the Fast and Furious franchise by directing the second installment, 2 Fast 2 Furious, starring Paul Walker, Eva Mendes and Devon Aoki, among other big names.

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John Singleton
John Singleton. Vince Bucci/Getty

At his 2003 Walk of Fame ceremony, the actor gave a heartfelt speech about following his passion.

"I've wanted to make films since I was 9 years old. It was my lifelong dream," he shared. "If I wasn't a director I don't know what else I would be. Anybody that knows me … they all know that this has been my life's dream to do what I'm doing now. My life's dream is to make films, the films I want to make that come straight from my soul."

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John Singleton
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Off-screen he was Dad to seven young children: daughters Justice (left), Hadar (right), Cleopatra, Selenesol, Issis, and his sons Maasai and Seven.

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John Singleton
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Before his death, Singleton was working as a writer, director and producer on the FX series Snowfall, which centered on his beloved Los Angeles. (Here, he's pictured with stars Michael Hyatt and Carter Hudson and co-creator Dave Andron.)

In mid-April 2019, Singleton checked himself into a hospital following a trip to Costa Rica after he began experiencing weakness in his legs. He suffered a stroke that left him in a coma, and on April 29, his family announced his death at age 51 after he was taken off life support.

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John Singleton
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Regina King, who had a breakout role in Boyz n the Hood, was one of many stars to honor the director following his death.

“Rest In Power, my friend. One of the greatest to ever do it. Thank you GOD for blessing us with this gift better known as John Singleton,” she said on Instagram. “Having trouble finding enough words to share just what you mean to me. Will always love you John! Your spirit will forever shine bright.”

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John Singleton, Angela Bassett
Earl Gibson III/Getty

Boyz n the Hood star Angela Bassett shared memories of the director's impact, too.

"I met John as a recently graduated first-time writer/director embarking on his nascent film career. I will forever remember him fondly from our first meeting during the audition process," she said. "He exuded many things that day...awareness, openness and above all, enthusiasm!"

She added, "Over the years, he never lost or left any of that behind. He provided and possessed a clarity of vision that I appreciate from that day till this. He gave a voice and an opportunity to many. Count me in that grateful number."

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