The Promised Land star jokes that he's jealous of his costar's friendship with Ben Affleck
Credit: Andrew H. Walker/WireImage

Move over, Ben Affleck! John Krasinski wants to be Matt Damon‘s new best friend.

“Matt is one of the coolest guys I know, and I’m totally in love with the guy, but he doesn’t even know my name,” Krasinski joked to PEOPLE at the New York premiere of his new movie Promised Land on Tuesday.

“I would love to have a bromance with him,” he continues, “but I don’t even know if I could even use the word ‘bromance’ because he and Ben are so tight and like a married couple that I’ll never get in there.”

The Office star, 33, first met Damon through his wife Emily Blunt when she starred in 2011’s The Adjustment Bureau with him.

Soon, he got the opportunity to work with Damon himself in Promised Land (out in theaters Dec. 28), a new film the pair wrote and star in together. Although Krasinski spent multiple weekends at Damon’s house to write the script, he is not satisfied with their strictly working relationship.

“I must be the bromance mistress,” he said. “I’m on the outside of the relationship, only working with him on the side while really he’s supposed to be with Ben. I’m clearly the mistress and this has got to change!”