John Krasinski is crazy about his wife and A Quiet Place costar Emily Blunt — even after eight years of marriage

By Alexia Fernández
March 02, 2018 01:59 AM

John Krasinski is crazy about his wife and A Quiet Place costar Emily Blunt — even after eight years of marriage.

The actor didn’t hold back his love for the actress in a new interview with Playboy, in which he talked about how Blunt’s support means the world to him.

“I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible friends and family who keep me on track and don’t let me spin out into my own universe for too long — namely, and most important, my wife,” he said.

“I think my wife gets me. Not just to sound adorable, but the truth is she gets me more than anyone else has ever gotten me,” he gushed. “And so she allows me to, for lack of a better term, bottom out for a second and get really scared.”

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They share two daughters together, 4-year-old Hazel and 18-month-old Violet. The couple began dating in 2008, but The Office alum admitted he was starstruck by his famous girlfriend, despite being prohibited by Blunt to speak of their jobs while together.

“When we first started dating, that was weird,” he said. “I was definitely aware of [her fame], probably in a way that could have been extremely unhealthy if it wasn’t for how insanely down-to-earth she was.”

He continued, “I remember being at my house and saying to her, ‘So I just want to have this really honest conversation. I think you’re one of the best act—’ I didn’t even get out ‘actress.’ She went, ‘No, no, no, no!’ Very loud. We didn’t have that conversation again for a really long time, and it saved our relationship.”

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Krasinski also touched on his thoughts about the #MeToo movement and how he realized he had never asked Blunt about her own experiences until the movement made it to the mainstream.

“We definitely had the conversation once it blew up to the level that it did,” he said. “I felt terrible and borderline embarrassed that I hadn’t asked her about it. I was like, ‘Have you ever had a bad experience?’ I think she said in Vanity Fair, like, ‘I’ve had my bum pinched a couple of times, but…’”

He continued, “First of all, I believe I can’t add anything to the conversation. There’s so much that has been said and is continuing to be said, and all the things that need to be said are at least out there and on the table now. What we actually piece through and how on to in that conversation, I think, is the most important now.”

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The actor and his wife will next star together in upcoming film, A Quiet Place, which he directed, and revealed how being a father helped him commit to the project.

“We’d just had our second daughter and, you know, I’m a super sensitive, emotional person, so I think I was probably wide-open when I read the script,” he said. “The idea really triggered something inside me about protection and parenting, and I just thought maybe I could make it a metaphor for parenthood: the fact that no matter what, there will come a time when you don’t have control over what your kids do, what they say, what they think, and you just hope that the preparation was enough to get them through and they survive.”

He added, “There was something so beautiful about putting a family in a situation where—without giving too much away, this is the one family in the world that needs to talk and can’t. They’re going through something they should really be talking about with each other and a therapist, and they can’t. We not only thought the story was so unique and different that there was no way our marriage could supersede it, but that, weirdly, our marriage fit right in.”