Why John Krasinski Couldn't Stop Crying While Narrating 'Born in China' Animal Documentary: 'It Ruins You Emotionally'

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty

It doesn’t take much to make John Krasinski cry.

When the 37-year-old actor was asked to narrate Disneynature’s animal documentary Born in China shortly after welcoming his second child with wife Emily Blunt, the actor says he knew he didn’t stand a chance.

“I relate probably way too much,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue of the documentary, which follows three animal families in China. “The movie is about what it takes to raise kids, the sacrifices that need to be made and the moment of letting them go.”

As a father, Krasinski says he immediately connected to the story.


“It ruins you emotionally because you go through the entire process of parenthood in less than 90 minutes,” he says.

And after watching two monkey siblings squabble in the film, he’s grateful that his girls — Hazel, 3, and Violet, 10 months — have gotten along so far.

“It’s really nice to see what I missed out on!” he says. “Our daughter was so excited to have a sibling — especially a little sister that she could teach everything to. We’ve been enjoying the good version of it for now.”

Krasinski says he’s excited to show his girls the film.

“It’s wonderful to have young children because of their obsession with animals,” he says. “There’s plenty of access to nature in small doses, but with Disneynature, it dives even deeper. It’s actually happening right now, somewhere on the planet. It’s not fictitious. And I think there’s something very moving about that.”

Born in China hits theaters April 21. Ticket sales from the opening week of the film will benefit the World Wildlife Fund and help protect wild pandas and snow leopards in China.

“By you buying a ticket, you’re actually the one donating that money,” adds Krasinski. “I hope it leads to even bigger change.”

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