John Krasinski Played Hero in 'Doctor Strange 2' to 'Balance Out' Playing 'Supervillain' on 'The Office'

John Krasinski joked about being the "villain" on The Office, saying he took his surprise cameo as a superhero in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to make up for that

John Krasinski is having fun looking back on his character from The Office.

In an appearance at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the A Quiet Place actor/director, 42, answered the fans that claim Jim, Krasinski's character in The Office, is a villain on the series. While Fallon was quick to deny the hate, Krasinski responded, "Well they're on to me because I played it as a supervillian."

He joked, "That's why I did Fantastic Four to balance it out — I had already done the villain."

As for his brief cameo as the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the actor is excited to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe: "It was a big moment for me," he said.

John Krasinski
Todd Owyoung/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

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Fallon also addressed the rumors saying that Krasinski's wife Emily Blunt might be playing Sue Storm in the upcoming Marvel movie. "Oh is it?" the actor said, leaving fans as clueless as before.

During the appearance, Krasinski also talked about the upcoming movie he will be directing called Imaginary Friends. When explaining the premise of the film, he said, "It's a movie about imaginary friends and yes they're these adorable, fun ideas that kids have, but also they're really time capsules for all our ambitions, our dreams, our hopes when we were kids."

In the movie, Steve Carell and Krasinski will be working together for the first time since their sitcom days. "I should've started with 'This is The Office reunion movie,' " Krasinski said, as the audience cheered.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Carell, 59, recently said, "Well, I haven't started working on the film with him yet, but I can't wait. I'm anticipating just joy and fun. I mean, he's the best, and he's a great director."

And while this will be Carell and Krasinski's first professional collaboration since the show, they did interact virtually over video chat in 2020 amid the pandemic to celebrate the series' 15th anniversary in a segment on Krasinski's YouTube show Some Good News.

Looking back at their time together, Carell told Krasinski, "Some of the most fun memories, personally or professionally, are intertwined and connected with that show."

And his former costar agreed, saying, "Without a doubt. Listen, I know everyone's talking about a reunion, hopefully one day we just get to reunite as people. And just all get to say hi."

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