John Cho reveals the one emoji that always makes him laugh
Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty

John Cho is going through a midlife crisis – just not the kind you would expect.

The actor, 44, returns as Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek Beyond, out July 22. Cho admitted to crying while watching the Tony Awards, laughing at his kids and a few other things when he chatted with PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

Last time my kids made me laugh

My son [Kage, 8] pronounces the word “literally” the British way, like “litrally.” I don’t know why he does that or where he picked that up, but it trips me up every time I hear it.

Last moment of bliss

“Probably last night when I was putting the kids to bed. They were jumping up and down naked on the bed. It’s not too good for actually sleeping, but it’s funny.”

Last time I danced

“My boy likes to play the theme song from Benny Hill, and then we all dance. I have a few go-to moves like jazz hands, shake the booty, stupid eyes. It was once a mating ritual, but now it’s all about looking silly and making the kids smile.”

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Last funny text message

I don’t remember the context, but it definitely involved the poop emoji. That always makes me laugh – it’s a classic.

Last time I cried

“I’m actually in a very crying place in my life lately. I think it’s my midlife crisis. I’m not buying a Corvette, but I end up crying at everything; it’s very annoying. I was at [Trek costar] Zach Quinto’s house watching the Tonys, and the Color Purple performance might have made me shed a tear. I am not coming off very cool in this interview.”