John Boyega says his parents are only curious about Star Wars: The Force Awakens because it will feature their son


John Boyega‘s parents are not one with the force.

The 23-year-old London native might be the new face of the franchise, but he admits that hasn’t prompted his mom and dad to become fans of the original trilogy.

“My parents are not interested in Star Wars whatsoever,” Boyega confesses to The Hollywood Reporter in their cover story this week, which coincides with the release of six new character posters on Wednesday.

“They’re only interested in The Force Awakens,” he explains. “In terms of the rest, they’re like, ‘OK, cool, but you’re not in it.’ ”

Boyega, on the other hand, says he’s been well-versed in Star Wars mythology for a long time. “I’ve always been a fan, especially of the extended universe, like the comic books, the games. I had watched all the movies before being cast.”

His costar, Daisy Ridley, turned to her parents as an outlet for all those Star Wars secrets she’s been entrusted to keep. After she landed the role, she tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I got home and told my mum and dad and sister, but then I couldn’t tell anyone for three months, knowing that something monumental had happened in my life.”

When it was finally time to tell the world about her life-changing role, Ridley says she got a sudden case of cold feet. “The day before they were going to do the announcement, I was talking to my mum, and I said, ‘I’ve wanted to tell everyone for ages and now I don’t want to,’ ” she explains.

“And she said it was like being pregnant, when you’re desperate for the baby to come out and then the baby’s there and you’re like, ‘Go away, go away. I can’t handle it.’ ”

After keeping those plot details a secret for so long, Ridley says discussing the film with her costars has even started to feel awkward. “Me and John [Boyega] had to do something the other day, and we were allowed to talk about things that we haven’t been able to talk about, and I felt really funny about that,” she says.

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“I’m not going to get in huge trouble, but it’s just that everyone has worked so hard on it,” Ridley explains. “The minute you think about all the other thousands of people who are keeping this a secret, it didn’t feel like such a burden anymore.”

As for all those online rumors floating around, Ridleys says cryptically, “There were rumors here and there, and some things are true and some are totally not.”

All the secrets of the force will be officially revealed on Dec. 18.