Courtesy Joe Manganiello
July 30, 2015 07:50 PM

From one ripped hunk to another – happy birthday!

Celebrating one of the brawniest friendships in Hollywood, Joe Manganiello sent pal Arnold Schwarzenegger a sweet birthday message via Twitter on Thursday.

Manganiello showed off the duo’s silly sides with a playful photo, which he captioned, “Happy Birthday to my friend @Schwarzenegger! Here’s to many more great adventures!”

“Thanks Joe! Great photo,” the Terminator: Genisys responded. Schwarzenegger then followed up with a humanitarian request for fans to donate to National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative. The fundraiser aims to protect lions, a timely goal after a Minnesota dentist sparked outrage by slaying Cecil the lion. “Are you with me to protect the big cats @JoeManganiello?” Schwarzenegger asked his pal, who retweeted the message.

Manganiello, 38, and Schwarzenegger, now 68, have a close friendship. The two starred together in the 2014 film Sabotage, and Schwarzenegger wrote the foreword for Manganiello’s 2013 book, Evolution: The Cutting-Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted. (Both of the men seem to have broken down those mental walls quite effectively.)

The stars are so close that Schwarzenegger toasted Manganiello and his fiancée, Modern Family bombshell Sofia Vergara, at their engagement party in May, as Vergara’s son , Manolo, shared on Instagram. Manganiello and Vergara also spent New Year’s Eve with Schwarzenegger, his girlfriend Heather Milligan, his son Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Patrick’s then-girlfriend Miley Cyrus.

At a screening of Sabotage in 2014, Manganiello raved about Schwarzenegger, according to Vanity Fair. “I grew up with a poster of Arnold, and all the other Mr. Olympias, on my wall,” Manganiello explained. “So to be standing here, next to the guy whose movies I saw every Friday that they came out, can quote them backwards and forwards – which I’m sure many people in this audience can – to be sent a script and be told that you’re going to have to go up against this guy, I mean, you better bring it.”

The warm feelings are mutual. “It’s the first time I’ve worked with Joe Manganiello, who is a terrific actor and also has a better six pack than I ever had in my life,” Schwarzenegger said at the time. “He became a really terrific friend and someone that I admire.”

Manganiello is not the only one commemorating the former California governor’s big day. Birthday tweets have flooded in from family and friends.

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