Manganiello may be the only person in history to be Photoshopped to look less attractive

Credit: Courtesy Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello appeared on Live with Kelly & Michael on Monday morning to chat about his highly anticipated movie, Magic Mike XXL, coming out July 1.

Of course, talk of the stripper-filled film included deets on his ridiculously hot bod. The 38-year-old actor shared a surprising detail about his shirtless movie poster: It was Photoshopped!

Manganiello said that his publicist discovered “they made it less defined. … Usually you hear of Photoshop being used to enhance, and I guess she caught them ‘unenhancing!’ ”

After wondering how an individual can be so sexy that Photoshop has to get involved, we reminisced about 2013, when the now engaged movie star and fitness author was kind enough to share some of his intense workout routine secrets on another Kelly & Michael episode. We have decided to flashback and take notes, since whatever he’s doing is working!